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Check out the great ways to celebrate St. Patricks Day in Fort Collins!
The Denver Broncos have found a quarterback in Case Keenum! Do you think he is the answer to our qb struggles?
Check out this amazing new poke bar in Fort Collins!
A beautiful home just went up for sale in Fossill Ridge! It will be very interesting to watch this sell as spring approaches!
It is March Madness! Is your team projected to be in or out?
Fort Collins has a beautiful brunch culture!
Do you think Fort Collins needs affordable housing for artists?
Home Buying 101 is coming to Intersect Brewing next week!
Here is the latest beautiful listing in our hot Fossil Ridge neighborhood market!
Check out this beautiful piece on Fort Collins newest coffee shop!
Do you agree or disagree with this opinion piece saying Fort Collins astounding growth has put a strain on our natural areas?
Is now a good time to declutter your home?
This beautiful listing showcases our Fossil Ridge neighborhood market well!
Fort Collins has a new pool hall!
The newest restaurant in Fort Collins sets an opening day!
Find out how to prepare your home for below freezing temperatures!
Bathroom remodels are often a great way to increase your home\’s value but can also be an expensive undertaking. Check out 5 tips to prevent money from going down the drain in your remodel!
You can tell spring is coming when the listings start popping up. Here is a beautiful one in Fossil Ridge!
Check out olympic sports you can participate in without spending a lot of money near our neighborhood!
Looking for a furry best friend? Check out the animals up for adoption at the Larimer Humane Society!
Would the proposed initiative to limit new housing on the Front Range be a good or bad thing for our neighborhood?
Which home improvement projects will give the best return on investment for your home in our neighborhood?
This is one of many gorgeous listings near our neighborhood in Fort Collins!
Open houses are a great place to showcase your home to potential buyers. Give this checklist a look to make sure your house is prepped ahead of time to receive the best results!
Colorado superintendents have introduced a plan that will bolster funding for students that are struggling as well as talented and gifted students in our neighborhood
Northern Colorado leads our beautiful state in job growth!
Check out these kitchen trends that are taking over our neighborhood and the rest of the west!
Check out this beautiful listing near our neighborhood in Fort Collins
According to a recent survey, most real estate agents are not neighborhood experts like I am, even though it is extremely important.
Wondering which roads does Fort Collins plow first after a snowstorm to help plan your commute?
The housing market in our neighborhood and the rest of Colorado is so hot that residents are getting paid by the state government
Don’t go into a showing for your home without the proper preparation
There are many beautiful listings near our neighborhood in Fort Collins
Spring is around the corner which is a great time to sell your home and now is the time to list it!
Would Amazon HQ2 coming to the area be a good thing for our neighborhood? Here is how the Front Range compares to the other finalists
Fort Collins Board of Realtors has a new CEO
Make sure to check out these ideas if you plan on remodeling your kitchen.
Here is the latest listing in Fort Collins
Mortgage lingo often confuses first time home buyers
Don’t go into a closing without being prepared for all costs involved. Here are 5 expenses that first time home buyers typically are not expecting
What differentiates a real estate Broker and an Agent?
The National Association of Realtors predicts the impact of tax reform will raise home prices in Colorado more than anywhere else in the United States
Fossil Ridge has a new and gorgeous listing
The benefits of owning a home go beyond financial
Should you fix up your northern Colorado home before listing it or do our competitive market conditions allow you to sell it as is?
A Fort Collins brewery is hosting an adult spelling bee
Our Fossil Ridge neighborhood has a new beautiful listing
On the fence about buying a home? Check out these 8 benefits of home ownership
Where are road improvements around Fort Collins going to be in 2018?
2017 saw nearly 60 new restaurants come to Fort Collins
This is the latest in Fort Collins. Let’s see what happens in our local market as the new year rolls in!
Today in Fort Collins there are 789 homes for sale with a $404k median listing price and a $385k median closing price
A Fort Collins man won $3 Million in a new scratch lottery
The temperature dropping doesn’t mean that buyer’s bids on my listings will drop. Check out these 13 tips on how to successfully sell your house in the fall and winter
Beautiful home recently listed in our competitive Fossil Ridge market!
Hottest hoods in Colorado announced! Zavvie has released their quarterly ’Hot Hoodz’ in Colorado. Did our Fort Collins neighborhood make it?
Tis the season! Check out these festive decor ideas that will impress all your guests
Our CSU Rams play Marshall in their bowl game on Saturday
These are the latest listings in our neighborhood. It will be interesting to see how long these homes stay on the market
The lack of workers in Fort Collins and the rest of Colorado is holding back economic growth
On this Makeover Monday, look into the benefits of solar panels. Enter your Fort Collins address in the link below to find out the costs and savings off your energy bill from installing solar panels on your roof
CSU wants the feds to allow research on CBD in animals
Do you have any questions? This is something that stumps most home buyers. Here are 15 plus questions to ask during your home buying process to make sure you’ve covered all your bases
Fort Collins has a 1.8% unemployment rate
Accessory Dwelling Units: They’re considered a great home improvement project that can add value, and some extra income. But, there are also costs to consider when you decide whether to build one into your house
Accessory Dwelling Units: They’re considered a great home improvement project that can add value, and some extra income. But, there are also costs to consider when you decide whether to build one into your house
Check out the Fort Collins First Friday Gallery Walk
Fort Collins is laying out the initial steps of bringing public broadband that could be accessed throughout the city
Closing on a home – It can be really unclear sometimes and the reason for delays can be elusive. Here are 14 key things to know about the home buying process so you can know exactly when your closing date will be
Fort Collins is the second hottest real estate market in the country
Check out this article on local Cyber Monday sales from the Fort Collins Coloradoan
Almost 95% of all home searches today begin on the Internet. Jumping into the home buying experience often feels like a whirlwind but, this is a great place to catch up. Here are 9+ helpful tips for first time home buyers or if you just need a refresher!
I 25 near Fort Collins is going to be improved
Want to impress your guests with your dining room decor this Thanksgiving?
There are some great open houses in the neighborhood this weekend! If you can\’t make it, feel free to contact me
Ginger and Baker opens to the public on Saturday!
The Timberline Apartments in Fort Collins receive $44M
Are you wondering if remodeling your home has enough return on investment to make it worth your time or should you sell and move up?
Open houses are always fun! Here are some in the neighborhood this weekend!
Is the Real Estate Market hot or cold? Is it a buyers or sellers market? You dont have to be an expert to know the best time of year to buy a home. Find out here!
Fort Collins is getting broadband! Click the link below to find out more!
Fort Collins is expected to more than double in population by 2050. Click the link below to find out more!
Whats up Fort Collins? Here are some home improvement ideas to kick off your week!
Want to find something to do in Addison this weekend? Click on the link below to see a full list of events!
Looking for something to do in Fort Collins this weekend? Click on the link below for a full list of events!
Looking for something to do in Fort Collins this weekend? Click on the link below for a full list of events!
Click the link below to learn about a Fort Collins business owner who is seeking refuge from the Libyan civil war!
How does Real Estate work? This is the big question whether my clients are first time buyers, seasoned homeowners, or somewhere in between. Heres a step by step guide to get familiar!
Today in Fort Collins, there are 1,068 homes for sale with a $400k median listing price and a $360k median closing price. Click the link below to find out more!
Want to keep your home warm while saving money on energy costs this winter? Check out these 19 tips!
Want to keep your home warm while saving money on energy costs this winter? Check out these 19 tips!
Weekday Halloween years can be a challenge with little ones who are excited to Trick-or- Treat. This weekend down town Fort Collins will host trick or treating for those of us who have early bedtimes!
Our CSU Rams look to stay unbeaten in conference play this weekend when they host in-state rival Air Force!
Comparing home prices in the same month each year shows us telling trends. See what home prices in September look like over the years in Fort Collins
Open House in Bittersweet Neighborhood 10/28/2017 11 am-1 pm
Fall is a time when we look at the leaves in our yard and wonder if we should be doing something about them. Leave them until the snow comes? Do something useful with them? Rake them out of sight? Here are 7 things to do with all those fallen leaves, Choo
Expect big changes for the Exchange in Old Town. Doughnuts, pizza, a distillery its gonna change everything. How do you this this could change the community?
Nat Geo named the the top 25 happiest cities in the U.S. You guys, were in the top 5! Comment what makes you most happy about living in this amazing place!
Spicy listing popping up in the area. It will be very interesting to watch this sell! Let us know what you have to say about this home.
Massive curb a peal doesnt have to mean a lot of work. Guarantee a great yard and garden by the time the snow melts with 6 small things to do before the snow comes!
If you live in Fort Collins, youre probably super smart. If youre super smart, come to Fort Collins. Bloomberg named Fort Collins in the top 5 brain-iest cities in the nation and frankly, its not so surprising! Can you guess the other cities in the top
Spicy listing popping up in the area. It will be very interesting to watch this sell! Let us know what you have to say about this home.
No, its not being set on fire. But, demo day will be here soon. I talking about the demolition of Hughes Stadium that will also be sold later. How do you think the community might change thanks to this?
As it gets darker earlier in the evening, landscape lighting is a necessity. Plus, it makes your home look polished and stylish instantly! Need advice on outdoor lighting for type, cost, and installation? Click below!
Another top 10 coming your way… top 10 restaurants in Fort Collins! Which one is your favorite?
COMING SOON: 1534 S Cattleman Dr, Milliken
Top 10 pizza places in Fort Collins ranked and ready!
Tons of factors go into buying, selling and staying in a home. This article explains some of the reason why these things happen! Maybe it will explain why about 57% of our neighbors stay in the area when switching houses. Worth a read:
Guess what? your kitchen counter tops dont all have to match. Mix it up for design interest while being more cost effective too!
The annual housing trends report was just released and there are some great insights that effect our homes! If you’re curious about your home value fluctuating or housing market predictions for the future definitely check it out:
The 10 best bakeries in Fort Collins are ranked and ready!
Two big apartment buildings in Fort Collins were just purchased, what will the future of these spaces be?
If you ever want to know how your house’s value might fluctuate, it’s great to look at the health of the market and shifts in home values. Get a glimpse of the Fort Collins market now and see where it could go during the fall:
Here are a bunch of helpful tips for gardening in the fall!
There’s all sorts of festival happenings this weekend, there’s something for everyone!
5 miles of bikeway for only 1 million dollars?!
One more house just switched ownership in Fossil Ridge! Take a look at how much this home sold for:
4 Denver housing trends that should have the whole state concerned if they start to spread:
Experts give a ton of tips on investing in Real Estate!
5 Upgrades guaranteed to help sell any home!
Food walks are one of my favorite things. What about you?
Super gourmet sandwiches in Fort Collins
The school year is starting around the country! It’s the perfect time to check out where our district schools rank against the rest. It’s definitely impressive how we stack up:
This is what 1 million looks like in Fort Collins
This home decor is satisfying all of our Game of Thrones obsessions!
This breakfast place is the first to open west of the Mississippi!
Fort Collins hike for any level!
Food for Thought: Can you picture your home equity being held electronically? With bitcoin and block chain popularity on the rise, investing your equity in online currencies could be the way to go! How do you think this would work with home appreciation r
Real Estate is finally looking a little more normal since the recession
Fall is sneaking up on us, here are 15 fall decor ideas!
Here’s what’s open and what’s closed for Labor Day weekend
We think that beer improves our community
Summer is coming to an end and fall predictions for the housing market are in! Will the houses in our neighborhood be affected? Here are the trends the market is set to follow for the rest of the year:
Ask a Colorado Real Estate Agent. FAQ’s answered
From taboo to trendy – Painted wood floors
Fall festivals in Fort Collins!
2 developments could add over 700 more living options for Fort Collins
One of the hottest listings in our neighborhood right now! What are your thoughts on this home?
Is entry level housing going extinct?
Moving in together means moving your stuff in together. This couple married their stuff to represent them perfectly!
Everything you need to know about eclipse weekend
Find out the safest route to school wherever you
10 home trends that have taken 2017 by FORCE! Look to see which ones you can spot around our neighborhood:
This sold 3 bedroom, brand new house sold for a surprising amount
#MakeoverModay 8 tips for a smooth back-to-school
New West Fest this weekend!
Summer is the best time to crave a salad, here’s some great recipes!
How much house will you get with 525K in FoCo?
The historic Northern Colorado mill tragically burned down
#MakeoverMonday Backyard before and after bliss
New spot for some weekend tapas in Fort Collins
Get updated on the openings and closings in town!
7 item checklist for buying Real Estate
#MakeoverMonday It’s proven that painted door catches more attention
Fort Collins Fringe Festival is here!
Soul Squared Brewing getting its own taproom!
Food for Thought: Will our area fall victim to the aftermath of CO growth and tech trends?
28 million dollar apartments
Foodie Walk!
Get ready for drive through coffee
Do you agree with these? See how your city ranks
#MakeoverMonday Getting organized doesn’t have to be so hard
Games and beer?
Sounds like food trucks for dinner tonight!
1 HUGE tip that is proven to sell homes faster and potentially for more money…
We made it into the top 10 housing markets
#MakeoverMonday Before and after photos!
Summer events are in full swing!
The best CO school districts in 2017! See where Fort Collins stacks up against the competition:
The best CO school districts in 2017! See where Fort Collins stacks up against the competition:
Historic homes and their residents
Selling your house? 15 tips to get the best out of it.
#MakeoverMonday Amazing before and after photos!
Happy 4th of July!
15 most beautiful Colorado spots
Tech is improving the house buying experience
#MakeoverMonday 70’s redo
Bike to work day!
It’s official, Fort Collins in the best
What 435K looks like in Fort Collins
Just Listed: 617 Woods Ave. Ault
Just Listed: 548 4th St. Firestone
#MakeoverMonday Your weekly dose of home transformation!
Happy Fathers Day! What are your plans?
Every single Colorado trail in one place
CoMING SOON: 617 Woods Ave, Ault CO
COMING SOON: 548 4th Street, Firestone
The last wave of spring listings have hit the market before summer begins! Take a look at this nice Fort Collins home. What are your thoughts on its price?
20 Financial experts on buying a house
Millennials are getting older
Get your Palisade Peaches!
NOCO Has Housing Figured Out
Coloradans only – plus honorary natives
Hotel in Autumn
So many new eats
HUGE listings here for the summer season! Have you seen this home?
Red Truck Beer Co coming to FoCo
Honor those who sacrificed all for our country.
Are there any pools we can go to?
20,000 people move to Colorado every month
Memorial Day camping a no go…
Stand up on a paddle-board✔ Ride a gondola✔
11 reasons that prove you need a realtor
No soup for you! (millennial remix)
Appearance is everything
How much house do you get with 475K?
14 things to consider before buying a home
I think “We don’t ever stop frying dough” might be the best sentence ever
Here’s how you know your real estate agent is totally awesome
Let’s Go to The Springs!
3 things you didn’t know you should talk to your real estate agent about.
5 tips for starting your house hunt
Third most fun state? Nope we’re number one!
May the 4th be with you… On your adventures this summer
Guess What? Seven New Restaurants Just Opened in Fort Collins
Colorado school funding up for debate?
Fort Collins newest $6M development has its first round of tenants
Some of our favorite buildings are seeking landmark status! Is your favorite on the list?
The median age of today’s home seller is 41 but it’s the demographics that can tell you when to sell your home.
Is this the right time for YOU to buy?
Denver, Northern Front Range Real Estate Party Ends In Late 2019, New Forecast Predicts
Penny Flats North will complete downtown block
Get out and explore all Fort Collins has to offer!
Take a gander at this market update for Fort Collins!
CSU is set to review Hughes Stadium and other sites for much needed affordable housing redevelopment. Check out details here
COMING SOON: 2355 Sopris Cir, Loveland
Check out 4 potential problems with older homes
Northern CO is booming right now and shows no sign of stopping!
An organized closet is essential for getting ready, make the most of your space
Last years forecasts are being realized here in Northern CO. The housing market continues to trend upward!
These upcoming events will keep your spring and summer plans fun and active
CSU neuroscientists share mind-blowing details about the brain
Some Fort Collins history…….
Spring Cleaning Made Easy With Bins Bee Clean !!
Boosting your Homes Profile on Zillow
Mark your calendars: The Holiday Twin Drive-in announces opening weekend!
Spring Cleaning for Homeowners
VRBO and AirBnB Changes in Fort Collins
Southwest Fort Collins gets a new pizza place in a well-known location!
2017 Health Care in Your Future Summit
What is Garazation?
Fort Collins Famous Pizzas
DC Oakes Brewhouse & Eatery in Southeast Fort Collins to open in May!
Winter Farmer’s Market
Looking for something fun tonight?
C.B. and Potts halting brewing operations in Fort Collins
Happy Spring- Patio season is here!
Get Ready to Vote! Fort Collins General Election April 4th
Fort Collins is in a Severe Drought
Grand Opening of Poudre River Whitewater Park
Big Thompson Canyon construction progress
Big Changes to 2017 Tour De Fat!
Egypt – The Gift of the Nile
Did you know you can check out Radon Test kits at the Fort Collins Library?!
Bye-Bye Lending Fees !
Eating Dirt at Twin Silo Park
Look at this one!
Super Cool in McClelland’s Creek
Great Ranch Home in Harvest Park Neighborhood
Training in Progress
Field report on 6215 Westchase Road, Fort Collins
Field report on 5721 Falling Water Drive, Fort Collins
Field report on 5002 Northern Lights Drive, Fort Collins
Field report on 1809 Thyme Court, Fort Collins
Infographic: October 2015 Market Update for Fossil Ridge
3527 Muskrat Creek Dr, Fort Collins: A Fossil Lake Ranch Review
2415 Dallas Creek Ct, Fort Collins: A Stetson Creek Review
5132 Fruited Pains Ln, Fort Collins: A Harvest Park Review
1924 Unity Ct, Fort Collins: A Harmony Crossing Review
Infographic: September 2015 Market Update for Fossil Ridge
Weekly Snapshot: Fossil Ridge Aug 13 – 19
Infographic: August 2015 Market Update for Fossil Ridge
Infographic: July 2015 Market Update for Fossil Ridge
Infographic: June 2015 Market Update for Fossil Ridge
Introducing Reba Tipton and Fossil Ridge Pulse
Infographic: May 2015 Market Update for Fossil Ridge
Field report on 1903 Fossil Creek Parkway, Fort Collins
Infographic: April 2015 Market Update for Fossil Ridge
Infographic: March 2015 Market Update for Fossil Ridge
Field report on 1201 Robinson St, Fort Collins CO
February 2015 Market Update for Westchase
December 2014 Market Update for Westchase
Warming Fort Collins… One Coat at a Time
Field report on 6120 Westchase Road, Fort Collins
Field report on 2315 Chandler Street, Fort Collins
Field report on 6309 Carmichael Street, Fort Collins
Latter-day Saints New Temple a Positive for the Community
Field report on 2202 Fossil Creek Parkway, Fort Collins, CO, United States
Field report on 1745 Prairie Hill Drive, Fort Collins, CO, United States
Field report on 208 E Skyway Dr, Fort Collins, CO
Field report on 407 Towhee Street, Fort Collins
Field report on 3506 Camelot Drive, Fort Collins
Field report on 1407 Ottawa Ct, Fort Collins
Field report on 836 Wagonwheel Drive, Fort Collins
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